A second "Jed Dorsey and his mom, Ann Cory" exhibit in Stanwood

It is with great pleasure that I tell about a second art exhibit of "Jed Dorsey and his mom, Ann Cory"  !!!    We are at the Stanwood "Islanders" and the show will be up during August and September 2010
This restaurant is located in the same building as the Stanwood Movie Pavilion  (in the Haggens grocery area).    The spacious restaurant walls provide a wonderful backdrop for Jed's 5 paintings and my 11. 

All but two of the paintings are original acrylics.    Except for a couple,  these are a different mix of paintings than our April showing in the Camano  Islander Restaurant. 

The exact address is of the new Stanwood islanders Restaurant is:  6996 265th St. NW, Stanwood.  The Islander Restaurant and Bar opens for business at 11 A.M. and stays open through the evening.




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