Come to see our family art work during "Encore Weekend"


Our son, Jason and his wife Jenny have built a beautiful studio south of our home on the view side of the road.  It is so close we can walk to it.  It has been the site of a number of shows already and the "Encore Weekend" show is a wonderful one to come to and bring a friend !

My husband, Jack Dorsey, our grown, talented children:  Jason Dorsey, April Nelson, and Jed Dorsey, myself, Ann Cory and my nationally known maternal grandmother, 
(who passed away in 1977), Fanny Y. Cory, will all have framed original art for sale. 

acrylic by Ann Cory
acrylic by Ann Cory
acrylic by Ann Cory
At the studio show this year we have been joined by Thomas William Jones, 
a famed watercolor painter who is also our friend.  We are very honored that he is 
showing three of his gorgeous watercolors with us.

Sunnyshore Studio is located at 2803 South East Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282.  The show is Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21, 2017 from 10 - 5. Children are welcome !

We hope to see you there !!!!!


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You are invited ...


I am so very proud of my husband of 50 + years, Jack Dorsey.  He has been a wonderful husband, father, artist.   Our son, Jason Dorsey and his wife, have made an art studio 200 yards south of our house (Sunnyshore Studio) and that is where we will have Jack's one man retrospective art show.  I am making six birthday cakes for the occasion, "Husband Cake" or I call it "Tomato Soup Cake".  It is Jack's favorite cake that his mother used to make.  Come and join us and see what you think !!!!  

You can read three "blogs" about Jack that our son has compiled and written about his life and his art - with lots of photos from the "good old days" at Jason's site:   The celebration at Sunnyshore Studio (2803 South East Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282) will be Saturday March 11th from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday March 12th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  From March 13 - April 1st the studio/show is open by appointment.  360-387-7304.  


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#28 on Camano Island Studio Tour May 6,7,8,14,15


Please come and help us celebrate the "soft opening" of Jason and Jenny Dorsey's new "Sunnyshore Studio" during the 2016 Camano Island Mother's Day Tour May 6, 7, 8, 14, 15 (two week ends) from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.   

The address of the studio is 2803 South East Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA

All of the original illustrations for Jason's recently published children's book, "I Remember Fishing with Dad" painted by Jason and his dad, Jack Dorsey will be on display.  The ones not previously sold will be for sale.  

My husband, now of 50 years !!!!!!!!!!!!, Jack Dorsey will have original paintings there.

Sign at Sunnyshore Studio going up
Book by Jason Dorsey
Book Illustration by Jack Dorsey
High Tide by Jed Dorsey
Our son, Jed Dorsey, will have his original artwork with us (stop # 28) and also at the 
north end of the island at Seagrass Gallery (stop # 23 on the tour). 

original art by April Nelson
Our daughter, April Nelson, will have original art on display and, of course, for sale !!!

Lullaby by Fanny Y. Cory
Low Tide Treasures by Ann Cory
My famous grandmother, nationally known illustrator and syndicated comic strip maker for 25 or more years, Fanny Y. Cory and I will be occupying the upstairs Gallery 2.  I am honored and delighted to have my original art, archival reproductions among such company !!!!!!!!!!


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Our son, Jason Dorsey, writes "I Remember Fishing with Dad" book


"I Remember Fishing with Dad"
Starting in 2003 our son, Jason Dorsey, (  had a dream of writing a children's book called, "I Remember Fishing with Dad".  He and his dad, Jack Dorsey ( were to do the illustrations for the book. The story would be about a young boy who loved to go with his dad fishing and his dad loved to take him !  This particular day is  fishing derby day. They have some troubles getting going and also catching some fish !!!!  But you will need to read about it all yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Jason made a wonderful video about this project, this dream, this book.  You can see it by going to:  (The link is case sensative, the 0 is a zero, a number - NOT capital "O"  (-: )   The thought of the book is making "sacred memories" with your children - and you don't have to fish together to do that - just share anything you love doing !!!!!!!!!!  To get in on the pre-sale to insure yourself a book(s) for this Christmas, go to Jason's web site on the subject:  You are able to buy on line from there, going to the top of the home page where it says "Buy Art and Books".  For sure you will be very happy with the book.  I have seen the final drafts and they are awesome.  The book is hardbound and durable, made in the United States of America!!!

Jason and Jack Dorsey doing watercolor illustrations
Jack Dorsey illustration for book

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Dorsey Family Art Show Opening October 3, 2014 in Indianapolis


Daddy Time
Our family has been asked to exhibit together in a family art show in Indianapolis, IN.
It will open October 3, 2014 and be on exhibit for several weeks at 
Harrison Art Gallery.   Our family hasn't shown art together for quite a few years, so this is a fun and exciting time for us !   One of the ideas (that was thought of to show how we each approach our paintings differently), was to have all of us:  Jack DorseyJason Dorsey, April Nelson, Jed Dorsey and myself, Ann Cory, use the same resource photo.  The idea was good, but we couldn't even agree on which resource photo (out of four!) to use ~  We kept having ties in our voting!!!  However, Jason and I are doing some images using this challenge.  The photo for "Daddy Time" which I just completed, is shown here.  

Resource photo I used

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Artist Hubby, Jack Dorsey, also has painting accepted in Kenmore


"Olympic Gold"
If you should want to, be able to, see the 16th Annual Kenmore Art Show and Jack Dorsey's and my paintings there, here's the deal.  June 26th - Sat. June 28, 2014  10 A.M. to 8 P.M. and Sunday June 29th  10 A.M. - 7 P.M. the show is open to the public. The Kenmore Art Show is being displayed on "the lovely campus of Bastyr University which is located on the north shore of Lake Washington and surrounded by the 316 acre St. Edward State Park".  Wow!  sounds beautiful !  The exact address is: 14500 Juanita Drive N.E., Kenmore, WA.   


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Kenmore Art Show accepts brand NEW Ann Cory painting


"The Gardener"
I took the photo of my special  friend, Charlotte, several years ago.  Charlotte is the one who years ago introduced me to the new and beautiful irises by leaving a "Mary Francis" in all its periwinkle blue beauty from her garden for me to enjoy.  She planted interesting heritage type geraniums from seed that had beautiful foliage.  She grew towering hollyhocks and sunflowers.   She nurtured her flowers like they were her beloved children ~ each on had a story and place in her heart. Then things in Charlotte's life changed after her husband passed away and we helped her prepare her home for sale so she could move to a better, safer place.  We had finally finished the project and she went to walk in her large, flowered backyard one last time.  The afternoon sun kissed her for a moment as she bent to lovingly smell and enjoy the beauty of her special peony from the Montana family ranch where she grew up.     Anyway, this pathos and the beauty of her life, her love of gardening,  her bravery are all in this painting ~ or at least those things were in my heart as I painted it.


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Painting accepted in 2014 Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Gallery


Woodland Cathedral
This painting was developed from a photo I took of a Kingfisher I spied near a Camano Island pond.  He was looking for his dinner and I was looking for art material ~  and I think we both ended up happy !   

2014 Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Gallery art is displayed in the Frances Anderson Center, 700 Main Street, Edmonds, WA. and will be open to collectors and the public Father's Day weekend.  (Friday and Saturday June 13, 14th 10 - 8, and Sunday June 15th   10 - 6).   Hope you can go and enjoy the fun !


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Acrylic Workshop held on Camano Island by our son Jed Dorsey


Jed Dorsey original acrylic 2013
          It gives me great joy to recommend a wonderful acrylic workshop that our son,
Jed Dorsey, will be giving this summer in August here on Camano Island, WA.  The dates are August 20 & 21 for the first session "Composition and Values"  @ $175.00 and the second session August 22 & 23 will be "Color and Light" also @ $175.00   Should a person want to take both sessions the discounted price would be $300.00.   Jed says "You will learn how to use the full range of values to create striking paintings.  You will also discover techniques that will help you develop your own style while allowing your imagination to enhance your creative process."  
          You may find out more by e-mailing Jed:  or calling 
360-387-7304.    I am expecting the class to fill us quickly as many people have followed Jed's work and would very much appreciate this opportunity.  He is an excellent teacher !   I know this from personal experience because he is the one who got me back into art 25 or so years after I'd been idle - and he showed me acrylic, and advised me and gave me my first lessons in it.  It is now the medium I work in for my art.

         I am putting  some of his painting images at the end of this blog  and   I am also linking to Jed's new (April 2013) website and am happy to report that this web site  may be viewed with no problem ! ! !   (Sorry about his old site that no longer worked ! (-:   )

        Jed has had two shows with a total of 13 paintings displayed in the last 6 months and has sold 11 of  them.  The main show was in an art gallery in Indianapolis, IN. and the other was at Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island, WA.


Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original - sold
Jed Dorsey original

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My dear mom goes "home" at 104


Mom's 98th Birthday
      On February 10, 2012 my life changed forever.  My mom, our mom, grandma, great grandma left us and went to her heavenly home.  
      Although I am happy for her that she is once again healthy and well and endlessly happy, I am sorry for me.   There are many things that were hard about her later years and health challenges that I don't miss, but oh, I do miss her.  
     She was kind always, always cheerful, always an encourager.   She was thankful, and lived counting her "many blessings."  She prayed for her family by name every day.  
     To anyone else there would have been countless things in her life worthy of complaint, but mom didn't.  Complaining was as far away from her thoughts as joy is from sorrow.  
     My mom left me, left all who had the privilege of knowing her, a great, and powerful legacy.  
     Thank you forever my dear momma.   

     Below there are three art pieces.  The first is a portrait of did of my mom, praying for her family.  I caught her doing it one afternoon with a white fleece blanket around her to keep her warm while she watched great grandchildren hunt for Easter eggs.  The sun was streaming in the front porch and touching her softly as she prayed.  I call this portrait, "The Blessing." 
      My mom was an amazing artist although she became a nurse and didn't continue with her artistic talent professionally.  The last two images are ones she did while attending the famous Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts when she was in her early 20's. 

Painting of mom, "The Blessing" done by myself, Ann Cory
Mom's art done at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art
Another art piece done by mom while a student in art school

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