What in the world is a giclee anyway?
A giclee is a "modern" way of reproducing art work.  (The word giclee is pronounced "gee-clay") 

There are many, many variations of giclees.  They are only as good as the colors that are used.  Some colors can fade over time.  Other colors last a lifetime (or longer) with no noticeable fading. 

Giclees can be done on quality paper or canvas.  Quality in those areas makes a difference in the giclee also. 

What kind of giclees do you offer?
I  (Ann Cory, artist) have personally retained as my giclee maker one of the most respected in his field in this Northwest area. 

His firm is Digital Canvas Northwest.  He is involved with a number of the area professional artists.

The giclees I sell are a very accurate reproduction of the original artwork.  They are made in everyway to last a lifetime or more without any noticeable fading.  (This assumes they will not be put in direct sunlight - a precaution for the proper care of all art!)

Ann Cory giclees are reproduced on an Epson 10600 printer using Epson's new Micro Pezo DX3 technology and Archival (pigmented) inks. 

Ann Cory giclees are reproduced on special coated canvas made from the highest quality 100% cotton duck fabric.  It is pliable enough to withstand stretching and specially coated with a 99% UV lacquer coating.

These canvas giclees are mounted with acid free adhesive to either masonite or doorskin.  This provides a firm and permanent support.

Are Ann Cory giclees limited editions?
Now that is a good question!  Some artist do self-limiting editions of the original.  Others do not.  I am with the latter group.  I want to be an artist and not a merchandizer.  I don't want to spend my time keeping track of numbers and lists. 

I do enjoy my own art and like making some of it available at a reduced price to other people who also appreciate it.  Not everyone can afford an original.

What is limited in my art is the number of original acrylic paintings that I produce.  I am not a fast artist and I don't think I ever will be. 

I seem to finish one or two original acrylic paintings a month and that is about it.  I may or may not make the art I do finish available in the giclee form.

Are your giclees, and originals for that matter, and any world wide web visuals of them copyrighted?
Whether my art is an original, a giclee, an image on the world wide web, or whatever, they are the copyright of the artist.  In this case they are Ann Cory copyrighted. 

What are your prices for giclees?
Ann Cory giclees range in price depending on if they are framed or not and their size.  (Some people prefer to use their own frames to go with their decor in just the perfect way). 

All of my giclees are done in stock sizes so it relatively easy to get frames for them.  

 Currently my prices are (postage and handling $10.00 additional per order): 

                                         $75.00 for an unframed 8 x 10

                                         $125.00 for a framed 8 x 10

                                          $165.00 for a framed 11 x 14

                                          $200.00 Unframed 14 x 18

                                          $275.00 driftwood framed 14 x 18

                                          $300.00 Unframed 20 x 24  

                                          $395.00 Framed 20 x 24

At this time the Ann Cory original acrylic works of art that are also available as giclee images are (listed alphabetically): 

"Another Kind of Sunshine"

"Beach Buddie"

"Beach Harmony"

"Beach King" 

"Beach Treasure"

"Beautiful Girl"


"Cozy I Am"

"Enchanted Summer"

"Endless Summer"

"Falling in Love, Again"

"For Always"

"Gently Morning"

"Goslings Grown, Friends Forever"

"Happy Camper"

"Home for Christmas"

"Inspired by Spring"

"Just for Fun"

"Lake Spring"

"Light Touch"

"Love Holds Gently"

"My Sister, My Friend"

"My World"

"Playhouse Blues"

"Raised with Love"

"Selected with Care"

"Song of Summer"

"Spring Sunshine"

"Summer's Embrace"

"Summer's Work"

Summer's Rendezvous"

"Supper at the Farm"

"The Best of Times"

"The Blessing"

"The Morning Herald"


"Two Dreamers"





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