Ann Cory original art ranges from $350.00 to $1,800.00 at the present time.  The pricing depends partially on the size of the image and on my subjective judgment of the merits and appeal of the painting.   

(Don't be discouraged.  Archival reproductions of most of my art work is available for much less and in many stock sizes.  Stock sizes mean that they can be framed quite painlessly by yourself to match your personal decor.  Of course,  they can also be purchased framed.)

(I would  need to charge appropriate state sales tax and shipping charges if they were pertinent.)

The price also depends on the framing.  Several at the upper end of the scale boast beautiful custom-made frames done by Unique Art Framing.  The frames themselves are a work of art with closed corners and subtle styling. 

I am happy to say that I am represented on Camano Island by Seagrass Gallery, 360.387.8300.  This small but mighty gallery is located at Camano Plaza and is open during regular gallery hours.   

Collectors may also contact me for further information at 360.387.7304.

I, Ann Cory, also make a number of my images available as unlimited giclees.  These are affordable and the giclees are very well done.  Please see the section under "giclees" for further information about them.


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