Jason Dorsey

Jason Dorsey, our older son

When our older son, Jason Dorsey, was 16 years old, came into the house, after being outside (as it turned out, in his dad's "studio") for several hours, with a full-sized  watercolor paper sheet (22" x 30"). 

On it Jason  had made an almost exact copy of one of his dad's paintings. 

Both his father and I were astonished and thrilled.   The art youthful Jason Dorsey had just done on a whim showed an amazing amount of both talent and watercolor savvy. 

As his parents somehow  we hadn't realized the depth of his interest or his love for art.   (We knew about baseball, drama, football!)

Jason Dorsey as it turns out, was in a short period of time,  a "purist" and a realisitic watercolor painter.   

By "purist"  I mean Jason Dorsey, artist "saves the white" of the paper when he paints watercolors and doesn't add any kind of white.  It is an old school of art practiced by many great watercolorists, among them Jason's personal hero, John Pike. 

Jason helped put himself through college selling his paintings.  For a number of years our family had an art booth ("Dorsey Family Gallery") at the local fair where we sold original art pictures. 

This well-received portable mini gallery at the fair was  prompted by the  need for funds for Jason's beginning college education.  It gave him, and the rest of us too, a forum to present our art work and we appreciate very much the early local support.  Later Jason had several one man shows at the college he attended and from which he graduated.

Jason Dorsey, artist, has entered and won either prizes or admittance to shows both locally and nationally.   In 2009 he had a very successful one man show at the Harrison Art Center in Indianapolis.






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I have the great pleasure of owning The Clam Diggers. For me it captures the feeling of being raised in the Pacific Northwest. Thank-you, Keli-Ann Diven
-- Keli Diven, 8/5/11

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