Jed Dorsey

Jed Dorsey
Our younger son, and widely collected acrylic artist, is Jed Dorsey.  He is the one who got me (Ann Cory) painting again after my 30 odd years of retirement from watercolors to raise our family. 
Growing up Jed Dorsey was much like our other two children.  It was easy to see talent and he had great drawing ability, but his life was chucked full of other activities:  school, football, basketball and baseball. 

He participated in our family art booth at the fair and sold a number of paintings to early collectors and actually won a prize at a youth art competition in Bellevue. 

When he was about 17 he made a discovery of his own. 

Instead of going further and more seriously into art, he fell in love with music through a used guitar that had been a Christmas gift. 

Inside of Jed Dorsey had been locked up a love of music and creativity in writing it.   He wrote and sang his own songs, later learning from and sharing with friends at college.

Anyway, as his mom, I was pretty sure that Jed Dorsey was destined to be a professional musician perhaps, but not a professional artist.  But who could expect to have artists turn out in three out of three children?

However, somewhere along the line, Jed Dorseybegan taking a deep interest in art  and chose acrylic as his medium. 

He experimented and learned and read on his own and took classes from the well-known Canadian artists, Mike Svob and Robert Genn. 

He and his dad   went together on a father-son outing to southern Idaho where they had an oil-painting worshop with Ovanes Berberias. 

In November and December of 2013, Jed was part of art shows in Indianapolis and at Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island, WA.  Of the thirteen paintings that were on display, eleven of them sold.   This is an impressive feat for any artist.  His paintings and art touch a deep place in the beauty loving spot of many people's souls.

This summer, Jed Dorsey is sharing with others his art, his thinking, his techniques in 2 two day workshops:  August 20 & 21, 2013 - Composition and Values, August 22 & 23, 2013 - Color and Light.  Jed is an excellent teacher, both kind and wise.  In fact, the reason I ever started painting in acrylic is because he encouraged me to paint in them.  Jed  took me to the art store and as I recall purchased my first paints for me as well as other things I would need to get going.  (Now I can't say he will do this for you, but he will give you a list to fill that will amount to about the same thing !).   Then one sunny day in the last of May 2005 on our back deck,  Jed showed me how he started a painting, what it looked like in the middle and the end.  

One of the things I remember from that afternoon has both haunted and helped  me ever since.  I had been painting my own chosen subject  (summer  roses), and Jed painted his own, actually several subjects using photos he'd taken.  Anyway, I had  a hard time knowing when to stop but felt I needed to add a little more color here and there and was busy doing so and Jed said, "Mom, why don't you use a pretty color?"  A very good question indeed ! ! ! ! ! 

The workshop Jed is having is being held at a beautiful location on north Camano Island, WA.  For more information or to find out about reserving a spot for the first session or the second session or for both (at a reduced price), please e-mail Jed at  or call us (Jack Dorsey, Ann Cory) at 360-387-7304. Also
any link I have to Jed's website has more information also.

Below you'll find  some photos from that May day in 2005 when Jed taught me how to paint in acrylics.  It was fun !


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I love this story! I am so glad you posted it! I hope you are continuing to paint, and I hope to take his class when we move into our bigger house!! Thank-you Ann, Paula
-- Paula, 1/3/24

 Ann CoryCamano Island, WA360.387.7304