Our son, Jason Dorsey, writes "I Remember Fishing with Dad" book

"I Remember Fishing with Dad"
Starting in 2003 our son, Jason Dorsey, (www.sunnyshorestudio.wordpress.com)  had a dream of writing a children's book called, "I Remember Fishing with Dad".  He and his dad, Jack Dorsey (www.jackdorseyart.com) were to do the illustrations for the book. The story would be about a young boy who loved to go with his dad fishing and his dad loved to take him !  This particular day is  fishing derby day. They have some troubles getting going and also catching some fish !!!!  But you will need to read about it all yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Jason made a wonderful video about this project, this dream, this book.  You can see it by going to:
https:youtu.be/zpHKMz0fa8E.  (The link is case sensative, the 0 is a zero, a number - NOT capital "O"  (-: )   The thought of the book is making "sacred memories" with your children - and you don't have to fish together to do that - just share anything you love doing !!!!!!!!!!  To get in on the pre-sale to insure yourself a book(s) for this Christmas, go to Jason's web site on the subject:  www.sunnyshorestudio.wordpress.com.  You are able to buy on line from there, going to the top of the home page where it says "Buy Art and Books".  For sure you will be very happy with the book.  I have seen the final drafts and they are awesome.  The book is hardbound and durable, made in the United States of America!!!

Jason and Jack Dorsey doing watercolor illustrations
Jack Dorsey illustration for book

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