Our new granddaughter, Willow

          We have recently been blessed with a wonderful surprise visit by our son, Jed and his wife, Renae and their 2 month old daughter, Willow.
           I have personally never been so surprised (because they now live in Indianapolis, Indiana.) It is a long story how they detoured to the West Coast on their way back from Christmas in Edmonton where Renae's parents and sister live.  I was praying for their safe arrival back to Indianapolis over the long winter roads and came home that same night to find them in our living room ! ! !   Oh, sweet joy ! ! !   
         The painting I have done of Willow and Renae was from a hospital photo Jed took of them. It was as close as I could come without being there in person.   
         Our family is most blessed and happy to welcome Willow !


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Congratulations and well wishes. Willow will probably be a fabulous artist like the rest of the family. Warm Regards to you all.
-- Susan Cohen Thompson, 2/9/12

what joy and the story of your surprise visit is a treasure!! Thank you for sharing and spreading the joy! much love to you all
-- Judith Broz Roed, 2/9/12

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