"Beach Treasure" 14" x 18"

"Beach Treasure" 14" x 18"
"Beach Treasure" 14" x 18"

I have always loved this photo I took of our oldest son, Jason Dorsey while we visited Mabana Beach, one of our favorite beaches on Camano Island. I worked from that photo to immortalize toddlers everywhere at the beach. (Acrylic painting original by Ann Cory, 14" x 18 " has been sold but various sizes of giclees are available).

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Hi Ann Kevin and I are finally viewing your beautiful art. He gave me you website long ago. We would love to purchase one of your pieces, like the "Beach Treasure," after our little grandson is born.. wondering about price.. Will, possibly, keep in touch about it. Thanks pamela
-- Pamela V B Klempel, 4/22/09

 Ann CoryCamano Island, WA360.387.7304