Love your paintings. I also love your very generous comments on mine and others' paintings. It's wonderful you are still painting.
-- Patricia "Patty" Reynolds, 2/19/22

Your paintings of children are beautiful. Are these paintings done with acrylic? I have been painting with acrylic paints for years and tried oil this summers. Not sure if oil is my thing. Trying to figure it all out. Maybe you answer will help me
-- Mary Ann Norwood, 9/3/20

Ann Dorsey's exquisite art truly is like a poem--capturing and distilling essence, meaning, beauty into all her work.
-- Anita Deyneka, 8/15/20

I saw all your paintings Ann, your so talented. I also liked the captions under each one of your painting. Here is wishing you the best and God Bless all you!! Patti
-- Patti Olson, 3/22/18

Sorry we missed you two on Sunday. Still have a lot of good memories.
-- Esther Pontnak, 1/30/18

How I love your paintings--and each of you.
-- Anita Deyneka, 11/4/15

I love the story of your family. I saw your website thru Jed Dorseys site I have been a fan for 5 years since I saw a tiny painting of a forest he did. I am dying to learrn his techniques and have been an artist for most of my life. I have been awaiting a Camano workshop. I live in Seattle but go up to the Island to stay with friends often.
-- Mary Allenbach, 10/11/15

I came across your website by chance and absolutely love your work, thank you for the joy that it is giving me.
-- Ann Cory (Yes It Really Is, Only In The Uk!), 3/9/12

Hello, Ann and Jack. Would love to hear from you!
-- Jan Cooke (Janet Dunlap), 2/15/12

Always a pleasure to revisit your site! Your work is outstanding as always. Happy New Year to you!
-- James Lasenby, 1/31/11

Tucker Illustrations           Julie Tucker             Illustrator/MuralistNice work!
-- Tucker Illustrations Julie Tucker Illustrator/Muralist, 1/14/11

Hello Ann - I enjoyed looking at your work, and reading about your grandmother, Fanny. Thank you for sharing your website. I hope your mother is doing well over this holiday. I will see her and maybe you next week.
-- Marcia Hoelzen, 12/25/10

We purchased a watercolor signed by Jason Dorsey, Oregon or WA. coastline and are inquiring to see if this website might be the correct Artist contact, 17x13, Olympic Coast? 541-991-3121 Also, had a cabin at Camp Grande a few years ago. Thanks,
-- Tom Payn, 9/30/10

Hi Ann, Love your painting. Have just started painting myself again (after 3 children too, and a teaching career). Have only been painting again for about 2 months now, but loving it, and have found a great mentor in Wenatchee-Pat Rodgers. So far I've only completed one acrylic, one watercolor, and 3 pastels. Not sure which media I enjoy the most working in. Would love to come out sometime and see your Art, visit, and catch up on old times. My Mom lives in Quincy with my sister Kathie now and she is 92. Do you or your family teach any workshops? Please keep in touch. Evelyn Tiffany Williams PS-Guess this wasn't a brief comment-sorry.
-- Evelyn Tiffany Williams, 8/12/10

I've been totally mesmerized since coming across yours, Jack's, and Jed's web sites in the Stanwood News. The art is so original and unique and wonderful. Hope to find my way to your studio this year. Congratulations on your bird festival and mother's day posters. Wow! Warmly, Judy (Broz) Roed
-- Judith E. Roed, 4/19/10

Hi Ann, your pictures are beautiful. I took a class with your husband last fall and got to meet you briefly. It was wonderful being with you. Have a great day. Joyce Burns
-- Joyce Sabljak-burns, 3/11/10

So good to see you yesterday at the birding festival. Your work is beautiful
-- Dianne White, 2/21/10

James LasenbyHi Ann your work is beautiful! Just spent the last hour checking out your site and love all your creations,they explode with color and emotions abound! Glad to have found this site to join up myself,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 1/9/10

Ann. I just framed the print (Song of Summer) I got from you in the Summer and was marveling at it's stunning beauty! Glory be to God for this wonderful gift He has given you, and thanks to you, for sharing it!
-- Nicole Gunter, 11/21/09

Thanks for the website. I've enjoyed browsing your work. I'm especially fond of the ones that remind me of Stanwood and Camano Island. "Raised with Love" really hit a chord. My sister used to hug all the animals at the farm. She almost lost an eye when she tried to hug a chicken!
-- Kathryn Anshutz, 11/9/09

I just wanted to say that I feel very lucky to know your son, Jason, and his family. Clearly, he has wonderful parents to be such a great human being. He works tirelessly to support the school district I work for and his children attend, which is so uplifting to me. Knowing there are people like Jason in the community helps me to stay positive when things at work weigh me down. And, my husband and I greatly enjoyed Jason's art show on Oct. 2. He is SO talented -- yet another trait he gets from his parents!
-- Mary Louise Bewley, 10/3/09

the world is a more beautiful place with your work.....
-- "Kat" Loranger Brown, 5/8/09

Such graceful and gentle beauty.
-- Jerry Finn, 3/26/09

Sharon N Dodge Art StudioAnnie I love your web page as well as your wonderful paintings. Gails class was a boon to us all who took it and it was fun. Look up mine and maybe you can give me some suggestions. I like your style and lay out better than mine.
-- Sharon N Dodge Art Studio, 3/18/09

Truly lovely...and finally! I have waited a long time for this delightful story and art.
-- Grace Wallace, 3/10/09

Your paintings are BEAUTIFULLL, Ann. Thank you for letting me know about your site.
-- Becky Massey, 3/10/09

You have so much talent and in so many directions.You get a 5 star rating.(5 is the highest you can get) It is a real honor to know you!! A real pleasure too.
-- Wendy Scott, 3/5/09

I love you paintings of children. It's great to see your work out in the market place. --Kathryn Anshutz
-- Kathryn Anshutz, 3/5/09

You truly capture the feeling and atmosphere of the scene in your paintings. They are so warm and peaceful. BEAUTIFUL!!!
-- April Kandel, 2/25/09

Your art and website......delightful
-- Joan Enslin, 2/24/09

I am so thrilled to see your website and be able to receive your newslettter.
-- Anita Deyneka, 2/23/09

Great job Ann! I'd say A++
-- Melanie Serroels, 2/23/09

 Ann CoryCamano Island, WA360.387.7304